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Children swim in pool

Swimming and Water Safety - Resources for Families & Caregivers

June is Swimming and Water Safety Awareness Month.

PPN’s Resource Central has links to information that may be helpful for individuals and families to better prepare for water activities. Search the Resource Central website for more resources with keywords: swimming or drowning for more information.

Group of children at swimming pool

What are the safest swimsuit colors?

Learn more about the safest swimsuit colors to wear for children to stay visible and safe while swimming.

Pool Safety - Young Girl Standing Outside Pool Fence Looking In To Pool

Water Safety at Home

This website provides important information on topics such as drowning prevention, pool safety, and the importance of adult supervision. It aims to reduce the risk of water-related incidents involving children.

Teenage girl running with a ball in the swimming pool

Swimming Safety for Kids and Teens

The website provides essential tips for water safety focusing on older kids and teens during the summer. It covers crucial information like the importance of adult supervision, swimming skills, and understanding water dangers.

Portrait of handicapped boy in swimming pool

Water Safety for Your Special Needs Child

The site emphasizes the need for specialized equipment and adaptive swim programs to cater to the unique needs of children with disabilities. Additionally, it offers resources and guidelines for parents and caregivers to enhance water safety awareness and prevent accidents.

Boy jumping in lake
Job Aid

Swimming Safely in Lakes, Rivers & Streams

This website covers various topics such as understanding water hazards, establishing water safety rules, and tips for preventing accidents. It also offers practical advice on recognizing and responding to water-related emergencies promptly.

Little baby in an early swimming class with family

Drowning Prevention and Water Safety

The website serves as a guide for promoting water safety practices and reducing the risks associated with drowning. You can access evidence-based recommendations and guidelines to help protect individuals in and around water environments.