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Mental Health Awareness

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.

PPN’s Resource Central has links to information that may be helpful for families and clinicians to assist those experiencing mental health challenges. Search the Resource Central website for more resources with keywords "mental health" for more information.

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White Paper

Mental Health Resources for Children, Families, and Providers

This website is an extensive compendium of vetted materials by the WRAPEM mental health workgroups with just-in-time resources and recorded webinars.

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White Paper

Health advisory on social media use in adolescence

This APA advisory emphasizes monitoring and managing screen time, fostering digital literacy, and promoting healthy online behaviors.

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The impact of Natural Disaster-related ACES on children’s mental health

This 3 minute and 37 second video addresses the impact of natural disaster related ACES on children’s mental health to improve the skill and knowledge of healthcare providers.

Male counselor speaking with a high school boy

Rural Disaster Behavioral Health: A Guide for Outreach Workers and Crisis Counselors

This guide discusses the importance of mental health awareness and de-stigmatization, especially among racial and ethnic minority communities.

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Job Aid

ENA Providing a safe environment for pediatric mental health patients in the ED

These tips aim to enhance the care experience for pediatric mental health patients and ensure their safety and well-being during their time in the emergency department.

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Adverse Childhood Experiences

This site provides resources, data, and tools for individuals, communities, and professionals to understand, prevent, and mitigate the effects of ACEs on mental, physical, and social health, advocating for trauma-informed approaches and support systems.