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Fireworks at Night

Fireworks Safety - Resources for Families & Caregivers

July is Fireworks Safety Awareness Month.

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Crowd watching fireworks

4th of July Fireworks Safety: Tips for Families

By emphasizing precautionary steps and risk mitigation strategies, the website aims to promote a festive yet safe experience for all during this patriotic holiday.

Kids and Sparklers

Fireworks and Sparklers: The Risks to Children Are Real

The article discusses common injuries caused by fireworks and sparklers, such as burns, eye injuries, and even potential fires. It also offers safety tips to prevent accidents and protect children during events involving fireworks.

Heap of used burnt firework shells left over from a bonfire night celebration


The site emphasizes the importance of using fireworks responsibly and following safety guidelines.

Medicine plaster patch on children injury wound eye

Fireworks Eye Safety

The website provides crucial information on preventing eye injuries caused by fireworks, especially aerial and sparkler types.

A boy playing with a glow stick in lowlight conditions
Job Aid

Fireworks Safety Tips

This infographic has tips to stay safe and patriotic, alternatives like glow sticks, noise makers, outdoor movie nights, and crafts can be enjoyable options.

Multi-ethnic group of kids lighting sparklers while hiding under branches of big tree

The Rules on Fireworks Safety

This detailed guideline aims to prevent accidents and injuries during celebrations involving fireworks.