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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Pediatric Pandemic Network?

The Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN) is an HRSA grant-funded network of ten children’s hospitals representing diverse regions across the U.S. whose mission is to improve health outcomes of children and the resiliency of children, families, and communities impacted by emergencies, disasters, and pandemics. The PPN includes dozens of leading experts in pediatrics and disaster and pandemic preparedness from academic institutions, professional associations, nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and more. Through its participants and partners, PPN touches nearly every U.S. state and territory.

What is PPN Resource Central?

The Pediatric Pandemic Network (PPN) Resource Central is a peer-reviewed curated search platform that contains materials addressing the needs of children in disaster and day-to-day emergencies. The goal of PPN Resource Central is to serve as a one-stop shop for everyday emergencies, pediatric disasters, pandemics, emergency care, and emergency management education resources that can be used as part of just-in-time training and operations.

What does peer-reviewed mean?

Peer-reviewed means that the video, article, guideline, or recorded webinar or podcast has gone through an evaluation process by PPN subject matter experts who have recommended and reviewed the quality of the disaster or emergency educational merit of the materials. Resources that pass this process are accepted for inclusion on the PPN Resource Central.

What content types are included in PPN Resource Central?

Materials are categorized in a number of ways designed to help the search experience. Materials are typed by hazard, audience, institution, year of publication, format, language, and keywords.

Can I make a recommendation for a resource to be included in PPN Resource Central?

Yes. PPN values contributions from the community. Please register for a PPN account and log in. Then, look for the “Profile” menu. Click to open up the menu and select “Suggest a Resource.”

How do I sign up to save my searches?

To create an account, click on the person icon on the right of the landing page. Enter the contact information request to create your profile.

Do I have to pay?

No. There is no charge to search PPN Resource Central.

Can I receive medical advice through PPN Resource Central?

No. The PPN search should not be used to treat a specific pediatric patient but there may be searchable content from known sources that informs pediatric emergency, disaster, and pandemic management.

I am a non-health professional. Am I still allowed to join the site? ​

Yes, PPN Resource Central can be used by anyone who wishes to learn more about caring for children in emergencies, disasters, and pandemics, including materials that can be used by children, patients, and families.

What kind of content can you search for?

PPN subject matter experts have identified videos, courses, podcasts, screen-based simulators, applications, documents, and more. Materials can also be searched for by relevance or date.

Does your searchable content include resources translated into other languages?

Yes, resources that are in languages other than English are included in the search platform.

Am I able to save my search, or do I have to complete activities in one sitting?

If you have created a PPN Resource Central account, you will be able to save any search you have made and return at your convenience.

Who are the PPN Resource Central subject matter experts responsible for recommending PPN Resource Central resources?

PPN Resource Central subject matter experts (SMEs) submit education and training resources from sources known for their expertise in pediatric emergency disaster medicine and emergency management. SMEs come from the extensive Pediatric Pandemic Network and Pediatric Disaster Centers of Excellence.

Are submissions regularly reviewed?

The content is regularly reviewed and updated by a staff of subject matter experts. If you notice anything that needs review, please click the flag icon on the related record and use the reporting feature to send a message to the team.

I would like to include material obtained through the PPN Resource Central search as part of a presentation. How do I do this?

Sharing material and resources found through PPN Central is encouraged. When using a resource found on PPN Central, the authors of the materials should be cited appropriately.

How do I learn about newly released and upcoming content?

Currently, PPN Resource Central does not have a system to subscribe for updates. For now, please Sign up for the PPN Newsletter and check back on the site often.